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A Hanker for Happiness

ISBN: N/A KShs500.00
Samantha Beiver, a young girl orphaned at a tender age struggles through life. After losing both her  parents and brother, she joins an orphanage. Friends turn against her and teachers added salt to injury by hating her. This makes it hard for her to trust anybody including the kind-hearted new student in her class, Bradly Jones.

A Journey to Becoming

ISBN: N/A KShs320.00
A Journey to Becoming is a story that scrupulously paints an honest picture of human relations in the way it explores the love, pain, fear and hope that characterize human existence

Behind the Darkness

ISBN: 9789914985771 KShs650.00
Behind the Darkness is a love affair that defies the barriers of colour and nationality which records the love life of Doctor Frank, an athletic caucasian man, and Joyce,  an African beauty,


ISBN: N/A KShs500.00
This collection of poems is "unputdownable". The poems herein weigh in on numerous topical issues whose themes defy generational boundaries and cut across many historical epochs.

In Whispers we Shout: Poetic Intimations

ISBN: 9789914990829 KShs500.00
In Whispers we Shout: Poetic Intimations is quite a fine, bold, and experimental approach to the craft of writing poetry.

Millennial Voices: East African Poetry

ISBN: 9789914985733 KShs600.00
Millennial Voices: East African Poetry is a wide ranging anthology of poetry featuring poets from across the East African region.

Soaring above the Pandemic: Poetic Echoes from East Africa

ISBN: 9789914985764 KShs700.00
Soaring above the Pandemic is an enthralling collection of poems from East Africa. The poets articulate contemporary concerns revolving around pain and pleasure, hope and despair, and the overall human resilience in the face f adversity.

Tell it to the Birds and other poems

ISBN: 9789914985795 KShs500.00
Tell it to the Birds and other poems is a refreshing breath of poetry appropriately and expertly clustered along a continuum of five poetic constellations.

When we Speak: New Poetic Distillations from Kenya

ISBN: 9789914985788 KShs700.00
When we Speak: New Poetic Distillations from Kenya is an electrifying collection of verses by young Kenyan poets on various