Intercen Books is a print on demand (P.O.D.) publishing company that strives to provide quality content to our readers by publishing and marketing exhilarating creative and general reading materials.
To be the leading print on demand publisher of quality and exhilarating creative and general reading content.
To accelerate quality production of creative and general reading content by providing affordable products to our clients.
Core Values
Quality is our tradition.
We endeavour to be well organized and respect our timelines to always deliver in time.
We are honest in our dealings and activities and intend to maintain transparency all the way.
Our products are customized to the needs of the clients making them affordable.
Mobile: +254 785 174 184/0701953050
Intercen Books, P.J. House, Bungoma-Mumias Road,
P.O. Box 909 – 50200 Bungoma, Kenya.
Mobile: 0723 616 442; Email:

Our Services

Intercen Books

Professional Writing, Biography Crafting, Copy-Editing and Printing Services:
Are you looking for a writer, publications editor, biographer or proofreader or printer for your book?
Contact us at Intercen Books for exemplary quality services. Here is a glimpse of our expert writing, textediting and printing services:
1. Biography crafting. Are you looking to write a book that captures your memorable experiences
or professional accomplishments? Engage us to write your biography.
2. General writing, copy-editing and proofreading. Are you looking for a professional editor to
walk you the journey of writing and guide you in creating a masterpiece? Look no further,
Intercen Books is here to hold your hand as you embark on this journey.
3. Crafting of advert copy for your book. Are you in the process of creating promotional narratives
for your book? We will create catchy text, headings and blurb praise for your direct-mail pieces,
landing pages, online ads, taglines and general web content. Let us work with you to craft blurb
endorsement for your book.
4. Creating and/or printing of professional publications. Are you looking to create and/or print a
publication (e.g. an e-newsletter, magazine, book or annual report) for your company or
business? Give us a call or email us.
5. Ghost-writing. To ghost-write your story, we’ll begin by learning your story and approximating
your beliefs and values. Thereafter, we tell your story as though we were you – with the final
book appearing under your name.
6. Helping researchers/scholars to publish. Are you engaged in primary research and you desire a
platform through which to exhibit your work to the world? Contact us and we will help you to
publish and print as many/as few copies as you may need. We have a niche as the leading POD
Print on Demand publishers in the country and have capacity to produce as many or as few
copies as you may need giving you room to produce only a number you can comfortably
7. Printing. At Intercen Books, we have exciting ranges for quality printing beginning from printing
of 50 books to infinity. We print all paper sizes of books and magazines.
8. General Publishing. We are a leading POD print on demand publishers in Kenya and will guide
you in the publication following all the stages until the editorial board is satisfied with the
quality of the work before proceeding to printing.
Contact us via:
Mobile.: 0723-616442(Kenya). Office 254-785174184/+254-757103983
(Contact person: Barack Wandera).
Business email: