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Kaunti za Kenya

ISBN: 978-9914-9908-6-7 KShs300.00
Kaunti za Kenya is an exhilarating introduction to cartography to children in Kenya. It gives a glimpse into the 47 county governments in Kenya and the sub-counties therein.

Compass Book I am here

ISBN: 978-9914-9908-5-0 KShs200.00
Compass book I am here is a guide to learners carrying out orienteering activities using a compass and a map

My Stern Mom

ISBN: 978-9914-9908-4-3 KShs200.00
My Stern Mom is a simple guide to children on observing common mannerisms and civilities as well as basic life skills.

Lost in the Forest

ISBN: 978-9914-9908-3-6 KShs200.00
Lost in the Forest is a book that presents valuable lessons to children on how to act when faced with dangerous situations.

Mappy Maria Learns About Maps

ISBN: 978-9914-9908-1-2 KShs200.00
Mappy Maria is a bold attempt to introduce maps in primary school to help children appreciate maps from a tender age.


ISBN: N/A KShs21,600.00
Royalties – 40% Non-exclusive contract Customised full-colour cover Three (3) cover concepts samples to choose from ISBN and Barcode Assignment


ISBN: N/A KShs16,900.00
Royalties – 40% Non-exclusive contract Customised full-colour cover Two (2) cover concepts samples ISBN and Barcode Assignment Prepare print-ready files

Wanjira and her Hitlers

ISBN: 978-9914-9939-7-4 KShs500.00
Wanjira and her Hilters is a narrative of the life and times of a female victim of male aggressiveness.  She is frustrated with the male species of humankind and this peaks when a self-obsessed lecturer beguiles her with milk-like alcohol and deflowers her in the stupor of her drunkenness. She eventually forgoes a postgraduate scholarship owing to sexual harassment by her prospective tutors. Rather than wallow in the miasma of moral rot in society, she vows to emulate her celibate mentor. When the story is over, and despite her ambivalent attitude to corruption, she declares that she must live her own life away from masculine hitlerism.