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A Journey to Becoming

ISBN: N/A KShs320.00
A Journey to Becoming is a story that scrupulously paints an honest picture of human relations in the way it explores the love, pain, fear and hope that characterize human existence

Lost in the Forest

ISBN: 9789914990836 KShs300.00
Lost in the Forest is a book that presents valuable lessons to children on how to act when faced with dangerous situations.

Tell it to the Birds and other poems

ISBN: 9789914985795 KShs500.00
Tell it to the Birds and other poems is a refreshing breath of poetry appropriately and expertly clustered along a continuum of five poetic constellations.

When we Speak: New Poetic Distillations from Kenya

ISBN: 9789914985788 KShs700.00
When we Speak: New Poetic Distillations from Kenya is an electrifying collection of verses by young Kenyan poets on various

In Whispers we Shout: Poetic Intimations

ISBN: 9789914990829 KShs500.00
In Whispers we Shout: Poetic Intimations is quite a fine, bold, and experimental approach to the craft of writing poetry.

Compass Book I am here

ISBN: 9789914990850 KShs252.00
Compass book I am here is a guide to learners carrying out orienteering activities using a compass and a map.

My Stern Mom

ISBN: 9789914990843 KShs239.00
My Stern Mom is a simple guide to children on observing common mannerisms and civilities as well as basic life skills.

Mappy Maria Learns About Maps

ISBN: 9789914990812 KShs252.00
Mappy Maria is a bold attempt to introduce maps in primary school to help children appreciate maps from a tender age.

Kaunti za Kenya

ISBN: 9789914990867 KShs335.00
Kaunti za Kenya is an exhilarating introduction to cartography to children in Kenya. It gives a glimpse into the 47 county governments in Kenya and the sub-counties therein.