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40-Day Challenge: Breaking the Chain of Habit

ISBN: N/A KShs400.00
This is a book about habits. It is a guide to getting rid of habits that break you and building habits that make you.

Dear Anita

ISBN: N/A KShs500.00
Zahalanthi is disturbed though he is a successful businessman and scholar. His failed marriage and a desire to reconcile with his children whom he has not seen for more than a decade haunt him. These setbacks throw him into alcoholism and desperation. Eventually, he swallows his pride and writes a letter to his ex-wife Anita, pleading to meet his children, unbeknown to him that two perished in a fire accident in India.

Bound to Last

ISBN: N/A KShs1,000.00
Bound to Last is a novel sewn from the heart. It is a journey of different characters weaved through their personal encounters with each other. Betrayal, family ties, gender issues, religion, and the obvious twists that make life fascinating are expertly knitted into this narrative, making it a thriller.

Mourning Glory

ISBN: N/A KShs500.00
Mourning Glory illuminates the causes and effects of cattle rustling amongst the North Western communities of Kenya. The author, Egara Kabaji, portrays how the frequent banditry raids have hurt individuals, families, communities and the entire region.

Kaunti za Kenya

ISBN: 978-9914-9908-6-7 KShs300.00
Kaunti za Kenya is an exhilarating introduction to cartography to children in Kenya. It gives a glimpse into the 47 county governments in Kenya and the sub-counties therein.

Compass Book I am here

ISBN: 978-9914-9908-5-0 KShs200.00
Compass book I am here is a guide to learners carrying out orienteering activities using a compass and a map

My Stern Mom

ISBN: 978-9914-9908-4-3 KShs200.00
My Stern Mom is a simple guide to children on observing common mannerisms and civilities as well as basic life skills.

Lost in the Forest

ISBN: 978-9914-9908-3-6 KShs200.00
Lost in the Forest is a book that presents valuable lessons to children on how to act when faced with dangerous situations.