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A Broken Pot

ISBN: N/A KShs500.00
Nyaoro, the protagonist in the story offers herself as an agent of peace having been born in a feuding polygamous family in a bid to pacify the antagonized parties. Ironically, when tranquility is achieved, she is sacrificed and expelled for being an obstacle towards achieving the very peace she yearned and fought for.

A Compact Students’ Companion to Poetry

ISBN: N/A KShs600.00
A Compact Students’ Companion to Poetry is designed to make the reading and appreciation of poetry enjoyable and empirical. Poetry is all around us – in the media, in advertising, in religious ceremonies, in politics, in our everyday language and thoughts.  It is essential to adopt a more hands-on and interactive approach in the teaching and learning of poetry. The poems included in this book range from verses based on emerging issues to more celebrated compositions whose themes and entertainment value have stood the test of time. The book is specifically helpful for high school students and university and college students in their introductory year. In addition, the book provides a comprehensive insight to general readers of poetry.

A Hanker for Happiness

ISBN: 978-9914-9857-1-9 KShs500.00
Samantha Beiver, a young girl orphaned at a tender age, struggles through life. After losing both her parents and brother, she joins an orphanage. Friends turn against her, and teachers added salt to injury by hating her. This makes it hard for her to trust anybody, including the kind-hearted new student in her class, Bradly Jones.

A Journey to Becoming

ISBN: N/A KShs400.00
A Journey to Becoming is a story that scrupulously paints an honest picture of human relations in the way it explores the love, pain, fear and hope that characterize human existence

Behind the Darkness

ISBN: 9789914985771 KShs650.00
Behind the Darkness is a love affair that defies the barriers of colour and nationality which records the love life of Doctor Frank, an athletic caucasian man, and Joyce,  an African beauty,

Bound to Last

ISBN: N/A KShs1,000.00
Bound to Last is a novel sewn from the heart. It is a journey of different characters weaved through their personal encounters with each other. Betrayal, family ties, gender issues, religion, and the obvious twists that make life fascinating are expertly knitted into this narrative, making it a thriller.

Branded pens

ISBN: N/A KShs50.00



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